TAC Ambassador

Thank you for your interest in applying to Topo Athletic's 2022 ambassador program.

Please download and complete the form link below, then 

email to info@topoathleticcanada.ca with subject header: Topo Canada Ambassador Application 2022


Becoming a Topo ambassador!

As a small (but rapidly growing!) brand, we rely on an expansive network of running communities to glean insights that, paired with 30+ years of footwear design experience, help the Topo fit evolve to deliver the most natural running experience. Our startup status gives us the flexibility to be nimble and adapt quickly, and our ambassador team of record-setting athletes and new runners (and everything in between!) helps us do just that. The Topo Team has played a vital role in influencing new design inspirations and pushing social initiatives online and off. 

Today, we are excited to open the submission process for our 2020 ambassador team. As with every year, we’re looking for genuine Topo fans that are ready to take their story and influence to a broader audience.

The deadline to apply is December 1st. You will receive a confirmation once your application is submitted and all applicants will be informed of their status by January 4th, 2022. 

Thank you for taking the time to share your story with us and good luck!


Are you someone who regularly documents your journey on social media so that others can be inspired by your struggles and ultimate successes?

Do you have a unique story that has attracted a community of people to follow your athletic narrative?

Are you actively looking for ways to provide helpful and engaging content for your followers?

Have you adopted a gimmick-free approach to running? Do you strive to not only equip yourself with the best gear, but also invest the time to fine-tune your body’s natural mechanics?

If the answer is yes to all of the above, click here to apply for our social ambassador program!