PRESS March 2021: We want to apologize for our current lack of inventory. Many of you have reached out to us in concern. This is not a choice. 2020 was a struggle for most brands, trying to keep product in stock. As this is a global issue, the problem goes back as far as the manufacturing of the product. Many factories worldwide, were, and still are, working at very low capacities. Topo Athletic is a global brand and has had to spread the lower volume of manufactured product throughout 14 countries.

Now we are in 2021, and still having manufacturing issues. But inventory concerns are now mostly due to the freight delays. Everything has been backed up for months and it is causing quite the shipping nightmare for all industries! Our fellow Topo team in the United States are feeling the same difficulty and the team in Europe are no exception. We hope to be mostly restocked here in Canada within the next couple of months, and most definitely for the fall season. We know this is challenging as a customer and appreciate your patience and understanding as we do our best to get product restocked as quickly as we can—we are frustrated too!

Thank you from the whole Topo Athletic Canada Team